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Syr-Ivan Bennett is a  Artist and FilmMaker based in Brooklyn, NY  with several years of experience in working for companies such as Nickelodeon ("Dora the Explorer", "Go,Diego,Go!","Little Bill"), MTV (Truth ad campaign), Marvel Comics (Spider-Man, Barbie), and PBS (“Super Why!”)in addition to developing production art for films and books.  His styles range from "whimsical" and "kid friendly" to a satirical/ noir  style for Illustration and Storyboards. He completed his BFA at Pratt Institute in Illustration and is currently completing his Thesis Project "The Telepathetics" at the School of Visual Arts.


Storyboards and animatic for Graduate Thesis Project at School of Visual Arts.

Jinny Starfly

Informational Interstitial for Nick Jr.  from the early 2000's

TIE FIGHTER:a Star Wars Tribute

Full scale Stop Motion Action on the Streets of New York!

"The News is NOT Enough"

An adapted short story from Einstein's  Dreams dealing with the purported end of the world...